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Turn your email subscribers into customers

A step-by-step, video course for creators, coaches, and membership site owners to convert new email subscribers into customers using ConvertKit in just 3 hours.

Transform Your Email Marketing Overwhelm into Sales

Email marketing and automation are the keys to creating consistent revenue in your business.

But let’s face it… for many, it’s a maze of complexity that feels overwhelming and time-consuming.

Time For Overwhelm Has Ended!

Forget about spending months stuck in email hell (i.e. videos, links, and support).

Creator Quick Start is just over 3 hours for you to complete.

By the end you’ll have the foundation set up onboarding new subscribers and making sales.

With Creator Quick Start, I’ll cut through the noise, make this as simple as possible, and give you what you need. You’ll have a system that onboards new email subscribers, offers them your product, and converts into customers.

What if your email marketing was flexible, seamless, and easy-to-manage?

This isn’t just another course.

Time to get rid of the tech headaches and automate your sales.

Email your list confidently with an easy-to-manage system.

Stop worrying about being sales-y because you put your subscribers on a clear and helpful path.

This is the same system used to create subscriber-to-customer flows that generates sales for Creators, including SPI, Creator Wizard, Youpreneur, dScryb, Teacher Career Coach, and many others.

Here’s how Creator Quick Start helps you…

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Foundations

Lessons in Chapter:

• Introduction and Course Structure
• Overview of What You’re Building For Your Subscribers
• Understanding Your Audience and Product Fit

Kickstart Your Email Marketing Journey

It’s about building a system that works for you, turning every new subscriber into an opportunity to generate sales, foster engagement, and grow your business.

One of the key highlights of this chapter is the commitment to an open feedback loop and the promise of accountability, ensuring that the course evolves to meet your needs and expectations.

Chapter 2 – Technical Setup and Tools

Lessons in Chapter:

• ConvertKit account setup and essential settings
• Elements For Your Converting Opt-In
• ConvertKit Opt-In Setup
• “Thank You” Page Essentials for Increasing Engagement
• ConvertKit “Thank You” Page Setup

First Impressions Matter

Understand how to set up and optimize a ConvertKit account for maximum efficiency and compliance.

Learn the best practices for creating high-converting landing pages that resonate with your audience.

Discover how to craft “Thank You” pages as the first step to engage and set clear expectations for new subscribers.

Gain insights into avoiding common pitfalls that could hinder conversion rates and subscriber growth.

Chapter 3 – Building Your Email Campaigns

Lessons in Chapter:

• Crafting Your Welcome Campaign
• Developing Your Initial Sales Pitch Campaign

Craft Magnetic Welcome & Effective Sales Sequences

The welcome sequence isn’t just an introduction; it’s where you set the tone, build rapport, and start the journey that turns subscribers into raving fans.

Then craft a sales sequence that feels like a natural next step, not a sales pitch. We’re talking about creating a seamless transition from “This is who we are” to “This is how we can change your life.”

Chapter 4 – Automation and Segmentation

Lessons in Chapter:

• Introduction to Automations
• Events: Start and End of Visual Automations
• ConvertKit Welcome Visual Automation Set Up
• ConvertKit Initial Pitch Visual Automation Set Up
• How to segment with tags
• How to segment using custom fields

Master Key To Automations

Master the setup and management of Visual Automations, ensuring every subscriber receives a great email experience.

Learn to leverage events for precise subscriber tracking and to facilitate seamless transitions between different stages of the subscriber journey.

Gain the ability to set up intricate welcome and sales sequences that engage and convert, using tags to initiate and guide these automations.

Understand the power of segmentation, utilizing tags and custom fields to personalize email content and enhance subscriber engagement.

Chapter 5 – Analysis and Optimization

Lessons in Chapter:

• Tracking and Analyzing Your Performance
• Optimizing Your Email Campaigns
• Building segments from reviews

Turning Data Into Gold

Learn the secrets to dissecting your campaign data, turning analytics into actionable strategies that boost engagement and conversions.

Unlock the potential of hyper-personalized campaigns through advanced segmentation, making every subscriber feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

Chapter 6 – Advanced Techniques and Strategies

Lessons in Chapter:

• Advanced Automation Techniques
• Beyond the Foundation

Your Stepping Stones To Greater Success

Establish baseline metrics for success and learn how to iteratively improve your conversion rates through strategic changes and optimizations.

Use your established email marketing foundation as a launchpad for further campaign growth and experimentation through repurposing and promotions.

And Introducing…

Creator Quick Start Hotline


Creator Quick Start Your Way

Self Starter


  • 21 video lessons
  • Creator Quick Start Hotline
  • Recap Document used for building your email marketing

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  • Everything in Self Starter
  • 1-year of bi-weekly group calls Creator’s Email Clinic
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  • One 60-min deep dive call with me
  • 60-minute, 1:1 call per month for 12 months.

Which Creator Quick Start is for you?

Wondering which version is right?

Self Starter

Perfect for you if you want to do things all on your own.

You want to dig in, get into the details, and find a way for it to apply to your own unique scenario.

Joint Venture

Perfect for you if you want more advice, insights, accountability and peer-to-peer discussions based on the lessons learned.

Bi-weekly calls to help you get over any hurdles and answers to your questions.

Personal VIP Edition

Perfect for you if you want to pay a premium to get highly specific advice, one-on-one, with me.

* 3 of 5 spots available

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