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Struggling with Email Marketing & Automation? I’ll Help You Grow Your Business.

Are you struggling to make your email marketing work? Do you feel overwhelmed by automation options, or unsure how to effectively use ConvertKit?

Imagine if you could get direct answers to your toughest questions from a seasoned expert, twice a month.

Picture this: You’re part of a supportive group, all focused on mastering email marketing, just like you. That’s exactly what you get with the Creator’s Email Clinic. My path from a web developer to an email marketing specialist has been all about finding practical, efficient solutions to real-world challenges. Now, I’m ready to share those solutions with you.

The heart of the Creator’s Email Clinic is our twice-a-month group calls.

These group calls are more than just a learning session; they’re an interactive experience. You’ll get direct access to advice on streamlining your email marketing efforts, effectively using ConvertKit, and implementing time-saving automation strategies.

It’s a chance to ask your questions, get personalized feedback, and learn from the experiences of fellow creators.

Connects you with a community

Joining the Creator’s Email Clinic connects you with a community where everyone is working towards better email marketing.

With my guidance, you’ll steer clear of common pitfalls and embrace proven tactics tailored to your goals. Whether you’re refining your approach, deepening your ConvertKit knowledge, or simply looking to get more done, these group calls are your stepping stone to success.

Together, we’ll ensure your email marketing not only meets but exceeds your business objectives.

When you join Creator’s Email Clinic…

Live Group Calls Twice A Month

Real-Time Problem Solving

Watch as we tackle real scenarios, turning questions into actionable solutions.

Tired of theory? Let’s talk about reality.

Practical execution that you’ll be able to do.

Shared Learning

Benefit from the queries and experiences of other creators, expanding your understanding.

Practical Insights

Discover tips and tricks that emerge organically from our discussions.

ConvertKit Mastery

Dive into the nuances of ConvertKit, guided by your questions and my experience.

Each call is an opportunity to not only receive answers but to also gain insights that you can immediately apply to your business. You’ll leave each session with a clearer understanding of how to enhance your email marketing strategy and better use tools like ConvertKit to achieve your goals.


Don’t just take my word for it.

“The more important my newsletter is and becomes the overall engine of my business, I’ve found that I want to do all these scenarios that are more complex. There is no one else that I want to turn to than Jason.”

Justin Moore

Founder of Creator Wizard

“I wouldn’t be coming to you if I didn’t see that you are a fundamental part of me getting to my first million faster than I would by myself! You hold a unique blend of knowledge that is gold. You have the email campaigns and ideas as well as industry networks that can support you shape campaigns. You know how to do the email strategy aligning to a business strategy. And you know how to do the tech with regards to implementation. No one has that complete mix.”

Emily Moncuit

Founder of Emily’s Notebook

“If you are considering hiring Jason from NurtureKit to help you out with email…THAT’S A SMART MOVE! We hired Jason and I am incredibly grateful that we did.”

Matt Gartland

Co-founder of SPI Media (Smart Passive Income)

“Having Jason is like having an email consultant in your back pocket. I feel much more confident going into ConvertKit and having the right message going out to the right person at the right time. You will not find someone who is quicker, easier to access, or more thorough.”

Annemie Tonken

Founder of This Can’t Be That Hard


Creator’s Email Clinic



Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting with the Creator’s Email Clinic:

  • Bi-Monthly Live Q&A Calls: Twice a month, you’ll have the opportunity to join live calls where you can ask your burning questions and get direct answers.
  • Access to a Community of Creators: Connect with other business owners who are just as dedicated to improving their email marketing strategies.
  • Expertise from an Industry Expert: Benefit from my years of experience in email marketing and automation, including insights from my work with renowned creators.
  • Real-World Solutions: Each call provides practical, actionable advice tailored to the questions and scenarios presented by you and your peers.
  • Personalized Feedback and Guidance: Get specific suggestions and tips that apply directly to your business challenges.

* This is more than a series of calls; it’s an opportunity to transform your email marketing efforts through personalized, expert advice and community support. The Creator’s Email Clinic is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed – all for a fraction of its real value.