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🤝 Your Salesperson Campaign

Your email subscribers may be in the “Middle of Funnel” but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

Adding a trigger link to your regular newsletters will pull these hesitant potential customers into an personalized sequence where you can get a deeper level of trust and make them feel like buying from you is worth it!

This is what a Salesperson Campaign does!

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Salesperson Counter

The Visual Automation for counting the clicks a subscriber makes on your trigger link.


Salesperson Delay

The Visual Automation for setting the timer after the first click.


Salesperson Pitch + Sequence

The Visual Automation for pitching the subscriber and sending the sequence (includes the sequence).

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Step 1 – Create the Trigger Link

Step 2 – Setup the Counter

Step 3 – Setup the Delay

Step 4 – The Pitch Automation + Sequence