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Email Metrics Document

If you want to start an email campaign and be sure of success, use this free dashboard.

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How To Prune Your Email List Step-by-Step

Clean out the clutter by following these simple steps to keep them engaged with you.

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How to Increment A Custom Field To Count Anything

Think engagement scoring or lead scoring for your subscribers. how to increment a custom field to engage your subscribers at a much deeper level, make more sales, and be more human with automation

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“Why Didn’t You Buy” Campaign

Have an automated way to constantly improve your launches and copy in the voice of those you are selling to by asking those that don’t buy why they didn’t buy

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How to A/B Test Subject Lines in Sequences

Split test anything you’d like in sequences, not only test subject lines, but variations of your template, content, calls-to-actions, buttons vs. links, and so on.

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“Origin Campaign” Automation

Record the attribution of a subscriber for the first time they come onto your list.

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Best Practices For Your ConvertKit Account

This document is meant to serve as a guide for setting up your ConvertKit with best practices in
mind and to be flexible as your email list grows.

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