When you treat your list like humans

Amazing transformations can happen...

"In just 3 months, I've grown my list by over a thousand and increased conversions astronomically."

"Having Jason is like having an email consultant in your back pocket. I feel much more confident going into ConvertKit and having the right message going out to the right person at the right time. You will not find someone who is quicker, easier to access, or more thorough."

Annemie Tonken, Founder of This Can't Be That Hard

"I do not know what I would do without Jason"

"The more important my newsletter is and becomes the overall engine of my business, I've found that I want to do all these scenarios that are more complex. There is no one else that I want to turn to than Jason."

Justin Moore, Founder of Creator Wizard

“We hired Jason to make sure that we got our new flagship product launch right and we overperformed by over 40% on our sales target."

"If you are considering hiring Jason from NurtureKit to help you out with email...THAT'S A SMART MOVE! We hired Jason and I am incredibly grateful that we did."

Matt Gartland, Co-founder, CEO of SPI Media

"We have a 20% conversion rate on our waitlist to our membership."

"Jason went above and beyond what I was looking for and expected. He created a seamless system to track results and create effective experience for our customers that sets us up as the experts our customers and trust."

Adrianne Austin, Head of Community, ADmission

You've revolutionized our business. We had our front-end dialed in, but now we engage our list and it's showing with some of our best campaigns ever.

Jeffrey Kunde - Guitar Institute, Lead Guitarist of Jesus Culture

AMAZING!! It's mind-blowing how your brain can think like this.

Michele Ronsen - Founder, Curiosity Tank

Trust, Engagement, and Revenue

In March, we ran a very successful flash sale that netted well in the 5-figures in just one week for a $20 product (and during the pandemic).

Subscribers on our list who purchased that were engaged with the nurture sequence converted at 15% vs 4% who were cold from Facebook Ads.

Ian McIntosh
Guitar Institute, Keyboardist of Jesus Culture, theguitarinstitute.co

Hitting Goals

The Better Nutrition Program sells to both consumers and practitioners assessment tools, guides, menus for total nutrition.

Over 2 years working with Jason, and as a result of smart automation and engaging our subscribers, we've grown the business, hitting goals and launching into a brand new membership program.

Ashley Koff, RD
Founder, thebetternutritionprogram.com

What others are saying

(btw, I'm @rezzz on Twitter if we aren't connected there)

Feeling super grateful to have reliable support managing my customers and email list during these unsettling times. Big thanks, brother

Mordechai Wiener - Founder, Reverse Approach