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But you have some questions that remain, like...

New customer onboarding

How do you handle those that buy? What's next up for them and how do you make it seamless? What happens for those that don't buy?

Proper launch checklist

How do you prepare your list? How do you know if the right people are getting this promotion.

Validation and verificiation

Having someone else to overlook the campaign that has a decade of experience in running online marketing campaigns can help ease the anxiety.

I'm Jason

I'm certified by ConvertKit and one of their recommended experts for handling migrations.

Personal relationships are the backbone of my business. Most of my clients become long-term partners, many of whom have come to me by personal referral. All my customers should be happy customers, and I work hard to make sure that’s true.

Technology moves fast and building your email marketing in a way that's personal, human, and behavior driven will build the "know-like-and-trust" factor you need to have with your subscribers to convert them into customers.

What's included?

One-Hour Call

For one hour, it would allow each other to ask questions, put some actionable tactics and strategies specific to your business, and get a recording of the call with specific next steps from the call.

Post-Call Follow-up

I would also follow up with you after about a week to see how the action items & next steps are going.

You're in great company.

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“What’s more useful than someone who looks at your setup and says ‘Yo, you don’t need any of this sh*t'”

Swizec Teller - Javascript Guy

Getting questions answered that had been bothering me for SO long! It was just what I needed.

Julia Campbell - jcsocialmarketing.com

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