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Good Work

A big reason you’re here is because I’m the canary in the coal mine. I try and taste things and then share them with you accompanied by my honest feelings.

Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so good.

Well today’s email is no different in that respect.

But it also isn’t about email at all…

Sorry, I’m wrong, if you go listen here, they talk about the newsletter format.

But today’s article is about good.

Good work, good humans, and a good life.

Barrett Brooks, who I’ve had the pleasure of talking with over social media and meeting twice, is curious and thoughtful. Aside from being a vocal Braves fan, I’ve loved watching his career from afar because of his drive to do good work.

Not just for himself, but for those around him. Both in the sense of family and the global community.

He launched a podcast called Good Work.

A podcast about Good Work

After getting an advanced copy of the first episode, it’s now on top of my list of pods to catch for any new episode.

In the world full of noise, nonsense, and chaos, it’s sometimes hard to see the good through it all. I genuinely seek out good news, good feelings, and good intentions online and I’m excited to be able to spread it.

On the show, he explores what makes people reach their full potential to make an impact on the world.

In this episode his talking with a friend of 10 years and best selling author, James Clear.

They talked about a wide range of topics from parenting, being an author, how to think about being creative, and how to navigate and explore self-interest.

Even though I read Atomic Habits, and thought it was a great book, I hadn’t paid much attention to James’ story. I don’t subscribe to his newsletter. I haven’t followed him on the many podcasts his been on.

Yet, after listening to this one show, I realize that I’ve been missing out on many of James’ ideas, thoughts, and perspectives that align and don’t align with my own.

I think that’s what Barrett hopes his listeners in part takeaway from the show. A sense of connection with the guest that transcends the words coming out of the earbuds.

Favorite Quotes from Episode 1

I can’t help but to think about some quotes that hit home for me:

“You can’t have a weakness as a parent. And not expect that to not be passed down to your kids.”

“Get good at creating trash.”

“You are not entitled to the results of your work, you are only entitled to the inputs will yield results of some kind and then you have to let it go.”

“If you choose to be an entrepreneur and [a spouse] doesn’t choose it, they basically get all the stuff forced upon them that they never asked for.”

And if you watch the video on YouTube, when he talks about his wife later in the interview, you can see the love and admiration he has for her in his eyes(At one point I thought he was going to tear up.)

I think you can see how I feel about this show and I’m excited for Barrett to have great success with it.

I’ll leave you with this final thought…

James said at one point in the discussion, he wants his kids to know that there isn’t any single way to have a good life. A good life isn’t define by anyone else but their own.

With that said, I hope you have not just a good day, but you are having a good life in what you are doing each and every day.

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