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I’ve simplified my massive ConvertKit account

Thought you had a messy account?

All kidding aside…

This will be perfect if you’ve got a messy account or want to tidy the corners of your email software you’ve neglected.

I have 769 tags, 303 rules, 205 sequences, 172 visual automations, 127 segments, 41 snippets, 17 templates, and 159 custom fields.

Yes, it’s excessive, and I’m undergoing a massive cleanup.

The RRR Method explained

But it’s faster than you might think due to the RRR Method.

Review, Retain, Rename

I use a simple process to clean up tags, sequences, forms, etc., inside my ConvertKit account. But it has been something I’ve used on all email platforms. And only takes a matter of a few seconds per item.


If, by looking at the tag, form, sequence, etc., I don’t know where and why it’s needed, I delete it.


If I know where and why it’s needed, but it’s not needed anymore, I archive it for historical purposes and then delete it.


If I know where and why it’s needed and still need it, I ask, “does it match up with ​the naming convention​?” If not, I’ll fix it*.

* In most modern platforms, the change will cascade throughout, but certainly, verify that in your platform first.

No matter what email provider you’re using, there is usually an order by which you want to go through this process. When you remove one thing, there’s a domino effect that makes cleaning everything else easier.

In ConvertKit’s case, the order is forms, tags, custom fields, sequences, visual automations, rules, and segments.

Live video demo

Here’s a walkthrough of the RRR Method on my account