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Learn how to 2X your business
using email marketing and automation.

Doubling revenue with the same amount of time put in or
cutting that time in half and still getting the same revenue.

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ConvertKit and Email Marketing go hand-in-hand to grow your business and get more customers.

  • Naming Conventions for tags, automations, and sequences
    With a solid naming convention, you’ll never worry about what the “story” of a subscriber is again. You’ll be able to understand where they came from, where they are in the stages of your business, and most importantly, the path to becoming a customer.
  • Are you landing in the inbox or promo tab?
    Learn how you can use seed accounts in your list to be sure your email is being seen.
  • 20+ Tips, Recommendations, and Suggestions
    Twenty-plus recommendations and suggestions based on experience and best practices for ConvertKit and email marketing automation.
  • This is NOT only for ConvertKit
    No matter what email service provider you use, these will save you time, energy, and headaches in the long run.