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Subject lines are overrated

We’re planning our son’s birthday party.

He’s turning 7, and as my wife is going through the class list with him, it’s interesting to hear why he wants to invite some and not others.

It ranges from stories of kindness, their interest, and the flat-out “no.”

Relationships are hard.

Even more so online due to the lack of physical presence.

So, I’m showing up today with two gems for you:

Launch Your Business

Terry Rice invited me onto the Launch Your Business podcast to speak on building a relationship through email.

It’s the first time I’ve been on a podcast that also had an episode with Shaq.

Give it a listen.

I drop some absolute gems in there (pardon the humble brag there, but this is a great episode!).

And speaking of gems…

Welcome Sequences

My friend Jeff Felten (AKA The Welcome Sequences Guy) is putting The Creator’s Welcome System up for sale for only 3-days starting tomorrow.

He gives you the step-by-step to build an entire lead magnet funnel that doesn’t just sell but also nurtures your subscribers and positions you as a thought leader.

This includes:

  • The Offer Training
  • The Lead Magnet Training
  • The Email Templates

Here’s a sneak peek 👇🏻 (turn images on)

Jeff is an incredible guy and excellent at what he does. However, I wouldn’t endorse and share something unless I went through it myself.

If you’re interested, ​click here​, and I’ll let you know where you can get it and a special bonus from me tomorrow.