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“The Clean Slate”

My ConvertKit account is about to undergo a massive cleanup.

As you might imagine, I’ve seen my fair share of messy accounts over the years.

I thought it might be interesting to watch me go through this process.

If this isn’t interesting to you, click here, and I won’t send you any updates.

To give you a glimpse before opting out, I want to set the stage and share a bit about why cleaning up an account may be necessary (or not).

Why is cleaning your email marketing account necessary?

It’s all about the goal.

More importantly, the goal of email marketing within your business.

For me, it’s about building relationships with others like you.

It’s about connecting with you without concern that an algorithm limits my reach, even though you want to hear from me.

It’s about helping and serving you the best I can.

And yes, it’s also about making a sale occasionally.

A messy account doesn’t always mean some massive purge.

It’s not something that you go into and start deleting everything and starting from scratch. That doesn’t help you or your subscribers.

I’m cleaning up my account for three reasons:

1. Multiple brands under one roof.

I am currently sending from two different brands and domains from one account. That complicates things with tags, automations, sequences, and templates.

It’s a complicated DNS setup that isn’t fully authenticated according to what’s coming down from Google and Yahoo in February.

Since I’m shutting off one of the brands this month, I won’t need anything regarding that brand in the account.

2. Alignment with the business strategy

My goals and strategy for NurtureKit are more defined going into 2024. What’s going on inside my ConvertKit account isn’t.

I’ve been working on a few things that you’ll soon find out about over the past three months in building out sequences, segmentation, and subscriber flows that are more defined.

If you hang on for this ride, you’ll know all about these.

My email marketing will be more focused on middle and bottom-of-the-funnel marketing. That means deepening my relationship with you through more and more valuable content, some behind-the-scenes work (like this), and understanding your needs better to help you and your goals with email.

3. The “fresh” feeling

For me, there’s a good feeling of having a clean slate or starting fresh. At the same time, I’m not taking my arm and clearing the entire table by dumping it all onto the floor. Having a clean slate to work with will clear the current technical debt in the account.

Plus, it gives me a chance to share this behind-the-scenes with you in case this has also been on your mind for your account.

Plan Moving Forward

I have 769 tags, 303 rules, 205 sequences, 172 visual automations, 127 segments, 41 snippets, 17 templates, and a partridge in a pear tree.

This is my ConvertKit inventory.

The scary thing is that I know what every bit does and why.

While not everything is active, it was at some point.

I know some folks have always been curious about how much I have going on in my account, so there ya go.

Now I know where I am. Now it’s time to plan where I’m going.

Since I’m visual, I tend to draw things out first.

I’ve drawn out on a whiteboard the ideal flow of a subscriber.

Based on segmentation, I’ve mapped out a new subscriber’s first 30-40 days of emails and potential pathways.

With everything mapped out, I know what’s inside ConvertKit that I should keep and remove. If you’re trying to see behind the blur. You will in due time, but that’s not what’s important right now.

What is important is defining the overall plan.

And with that out of the way, the easiest part is next, that’s removing the “other” brand.

Then, it’ll be to set up proper authentication for NurtureKit’s emails since that is coming up quickly.

Then, iterate on both building out the flows and removing the old ones simultaneously.

I’ll dive deeper into each of those in future emails, but I wanted to share this overview and thought process first.

Even if you feel your account is messy and don’t even want to log in because it’s overwhelming, you don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater to get it all fixed up.

I will share my Ruthless Tag Cleanup framework, some of the conversion points along the way, what I track and what I don’t care about, and much more.

But if there is something that you’re interested in seeing along this journey, let me know.

Or if you have a question about something I’m doing, hit reply. I’m an open book and happy to share anything if it’s helpful.

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Final Thoughts

It’s always so much fun when you go against the grain and know it’ll work out.

Had 9 people book in Conversion Accelerator Calls on Cyber Monday.

I’ve been on a few of these calls this week and loving every minute.

Even stayed on extra for a few to be sure we got things done.